UN WATCH: Iran’s UN Human Rights Envoy Denies Holocaust

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Iran’s UN Human Rights Envoy Denies Holocaust
Quelle: UN WATCH

Dear Friend,
Only two weeks before the UN holds its annual commemoration of the Holocaust, Iran’s envoy to the Human Rights Council is questioning the Nazi genocide of six million Jews, calling it „a historical claim.“  Someone has to 
speak out .
In a letter to Council President Luis de Alba, distributed today by the UN in Geneva, Iran’s Ambassador Alireza Moayeri defends the recent Holocaust denial conference in Tehran—attended by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke among others—as „an academic event.“
According to Moayeri, a particularly „legitimate question“ is the „the number of perished“ in the Holocaust.  He says there are „serious opposing ideas over the issue“—and in justification he invokes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its freedom of opinion guarantee.  Then he demonizes Israel as being a fundamentally illegitimate country, „charged with hegemonic racial desires.“
Iran’s manifesto comes as only the latest offense in the regime’s unconscionable campaign to deny the Nazi genocide while inciting a new genocide through President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repeated calls to „wipe Israel off the map.“
Using the world’s foremost human rights forum to question the most evil crime in history is nothing short of obscene.
Someone needs to remind Iran, loud and clear, that it was upon the ashes of the Holocaust that the United Nations was founded, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted, and the Genocide Convention adopted, its declared purpose to „avoid repetition of genocides such as those committed by the Nazi regime.“
Someone also needs to say that it is the height of hypocrisy for Iran to defend Holocaust denial by invoking freedom of opinion after the regime has just been slammed by the UN General Assembly for its repression of journalists and basic political freedoms.
Someone, finally, needs to point out the gall of Iran to petition the Human Rights Council for the right to deny the Holocaust on the same day that UN human rights experts warned Iran not to execute seven Ahwazi Arabs—who were convicted by a secret trial that experts considered a „mockery of due process requirements.“
The time is now.  Urge the leaders  of the UN’s human rights apparatus—High Commissioner Louise Arbour and Council President Luis de Alba—to speak out immediately and forcefully.
If not now, when?
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Thank you
Hillel Neuer
Executive DIrector

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