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Israel has shown incredible restraint in its response thus far to the rocket attacks from Gaza, but the world does not know that there has been restraint because, as research shows, they know surprisingly little about the attacks themselves. Thus, you must set the stage for Israel’s right to self defense by describing what Israel is defending itself from. Bring it to a human level, over 2,300 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israeli neighborhoods hitting, living rooms, kindergartens and playgrounds — women and children driving to school and the supermarket.  These rockets come five, ten, over 50 a day, hundreds of rockets in less than one week.  For two years families have slept together in bomb shelters rather than bedrooms. 

Because so little is known of this threat it is critical that include the following components in your argument to provide the full context to this message.

·        Israel withdrew from Gaza over 2 years ago, with no intention of returning. Every man, woman, child, soldier left Gaza in the hands of the Palestinians in hopes of peace.

o       Q: And what did they get in return?

o       A: Terrorism

§        335 rockets were fired from Gaza into neighborhoods just this week.

§        Thirteen Israelis, including innocent toddlers have been killed by rockets from Gaza. Hundreds have been injured. Residents of Sderot have been dealing with this for seven years! An entire town is terrorized and traumatized by the daily onslaught and randomness of rockets targeting their homes, schools, and businesses.

§        Children can’t sleep, can’t go to school, and can’t live normally. And why? What have these people done?

§        Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization is in charge in Gaza. It permits, encourages, funds and conducts terror attacks from Gaza into Israel.  They have declared war on innocent Israelis and their proclaimed goal is not resistance to occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, their goal is the destruction of all of Israel. 

§        With funds and arms coming from Iran into the Gaza strip, the reach of their rockets, the damage they inflict and the danger to the southern part of Israel are growing every day.

At the same time, REMEMBER:


No, that wasn’t a mistake to repeat that heading over and over again.  It is a reminder of what the public needs to be reminded of every day, especially during any military action in Gaza or the West Bank. Israel has time and again proven that it is on the side of peace, but it needs partners on the other side. Just remember the historic steps Israel has taken for peace: peace with Egypt – withdrawal from the Sinai; peace with Jordan – withdrawal from Gaza, and the acceptance of a two-state solution; etc.


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