Join HonestReporting’s Mission to Israel

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Join HonestReporting’s Mission to Israel

The problem: you want to defend Israel more effectively in school, the workplace or online. But you don’t have the tools or the confidence.

The solution: See the people and places in the news first-hand by joining HonestReporting’s December ’08 Leadership Mission to Israel.


• Exclusive briefings from Israel’s newsmakers, journalists, and insiders (and the HonestReporting staff).

• See for yourself Sderot, the northern border, security fence, and other places in the news.

• Israel advocacy training (previous participants give this a special thumbs-up).

• First-class accomodations.

• December 3-9.

Pictured: IDF briefing at a base near the Gaza border; Meeting Nobel laureate Professor Robert Aumann; Hands-on archaelogical experience in Jerusalem with the Israel Antiquities Authority; A view of the Kinneret; Former IDF chief-of-staff Moshe Yaalon assesses the strategic situation; Visiting Sderot and Mayor Eli Moyal; Natan Sharansky shares a moment with the HonestReporting staff; Camel riding;

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