Frankfurt, 11.01.2009: Demonstration for Israel’s Right to defend itself and against Hamas Terrorism

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Now is the time to show our unlimited solidarity and support

to people in



Demonstration for Israel’s Right to defend itself

and against Hamas Terrorism


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left the Gaza Strip in 2005 with hope for peace. Instead of using this as a step towards building up the much longed for Palestinian State, the Iran-supported terror organization Hamas, which has declared the destruction of all Israel as its ultimate goal, has transformed the entire Gaza Strip into a launching platform for attacks against Israel. The cease-fire, which Hamas declared terminated on December 19, was unable to bring about a change. Between November 4 and December 15, 2008 alone, Hamas militants fired 130 rockets and 98 mortar shells on people in Israel, on their homes, schools and kindergartens: No democracy can accept seven years of continued fear and terror.



This coming

Sunday, January 11, 2009,

at 11:00 AM,

we will (in all probability) meet at the Rebstock grounds
(exact location will be disclosed after

and then drive in a silent car corso to the

Old Opera – „Alte Oper“ in Frankfurt.

A Solidarity Rally for the people in Israel will

be held at 12 noon.



Dr. Michel Friedman will be speaking to the participants in the name of the organizers. In addition to a minute’s silence for the victims of this conflict, both on the Israeli side as well as among the Palestinian civilian population, who have been misused by the Hamas terrorists as human shields, a prayer for the soldiers is also foreseen. The demonstration will end with the joint singing of Israel’s national anthem „Hatikva“.



Car corso participants are requested to register by Email to

or by telephone: +49-69-975856-14!!!



Parallel to this event, solidarity demonstrations will be held

in Berlin and Munich.



Organizers and Supporters:

DIG Frankfurt, Honestly Concerned e.V., Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt, „I LIKE ISRAEL“ (ILI) e.V., B’nai B’rith Schönstadt Loge, Jüdischer Jugend- und Studentenverband Hessen (JJSH), WIZO Deutschland e.V., Jewish Berlin Online (JBO), Pro-Israel-Initiative „neveragain“, Koordinierungsrat deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen gegen Antisemitismus (Coordinating Council of German Non-Government Organizations Against Anti-Semitism), Jerusalem Zentrum, ICEJ-Deutscher Zweig e.V., Jüdisches Forum für Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus, Prozionistische Linke,  Jüdische Gemeinde Wiesbaden, Zionistische Organisation Deutschland, AKIM Deutschland e.V., et al.



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