Remarks by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

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Remarks by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

Israel and Zionism:

1. President Ahmadinejad called (August 21, 2011) for mass participation in World Jerusalem Day (an event designed to serve as a demonstration of support for the Palestinian people in Iran and in the Shi’ite communities outside Iran held on August 26, 2011). The president added that nations „can rid themselves of the contagious cancerous growth of the Zionist regime,“ by participating in these events, and he expressed the hope that such participation would lead to the „destruction of the Zionist regime,“ and the „release of humanity from the evil.“ He described Jerusalem as the key to resolving historical issues, and emphasized that his country is a pioneer in defending the helpless around the world against the unbecoming conduct of „the arrogant powers and world Zionism“ (Iranian television, August 22, 2011).

2. Ahmadinejad lashed out at Israel and the US (June 29, 2011), noting that all the great problems from which humanity suffers are a result of the „faithless“ regime in the US and the „evil Zionist regime.“ He added that the uncultured „Zionists“ are destroying humanity under „the heavy wheels of their selfishness, capitalism and materialism,“ in order to indulge their whims. He also noted that these days, when there is corruption, crime or humiliation, „we encounter the ‘Zionist regime,‘ the US or their allies (Iranian television, June 29, 2011).

3. The Iranian President condemned Israel and said that „The ‘Zionists“ intend to destroy the entire world to protect their power (Fars News Agency, June 22, 2011).

4. Ahmadinejad declared (May 1, 2011), during a cabinet meeting in Tehran, that Iran is fundamentally opposed to „the Zionist arrogance and ideology.“ He also promised the Iranian people that he would continue to adhere to the Wilayat Faqih (the regime of the clerics) and to fight against „the arrogant forces and the Zionist regime“ to the end of his life (Fars News Agency May 2, 2011).

5. Ahmadinejad attacked the American priest who wanted to burn the Koran and said that it was a „Zionist plot“ that would only lead to the rapid destruction of Israel. He added that the Zionists and their supporters are on the verge of collapse and their last step won’t save them (AFP, September 10, 2010).

6. In the course of a visit he made to Qatar, Ahmadinejad emphasized that any attack on his country would lead to the „obliteration of Israel,“ and he noted that Israel is not capable of taking any measures against Iran (ASharq al-Awsat, June 9, 2010).

7. Ahmadinejad’s speech at the main rally for Jerusalem Day (September 3) contained a large amount of incitement against Israel and against the West (the US) and the Palestinian leadership:

a. Israel „A false regime,“ a creation of the West, which uses it as a tool to rule the world. Zionism is a model of racism. The Zionists want to rule the weaker nations and threaten the entire world, not just one geographic area. Therefore, the Palestinian problem is a global issue. With God’s help, Jerusalem will be freed, the Zionists will leave, and global justice will prevail.

b. Palestinians Opposition is the only way to ensure the rights of the Palestinians (ISNA, September 3, 2010).

8. Ahmadinejad noted (August 22) that the enemies of Iran claimed that they intend to isolate Iran, but they should know that Iran is the one that will isolate them and throw them into the „trash can of history.“ (Mehr Iran News, Fars News Agency, August 23, 2010).

9. The Iranian President called on the American administration (August 2) to forge ties with the world and distance itself from the policies of the „Zionists.“ He emphasized that the US must clarify whether or not it is under the influence of Israel, and he noted that the „Zionists“ are only a political faction that controls the media and economics. He advised the US to abandon them and to strengthen ties with other countries (Fars News Agency, August 3, 2010).

10. In an interview on Iranian television (June 13, 2010), Ahmadinejad said, „Israel was established on the basis of lies when the nations of the region were deeply asleep.“ He bragged that Iran is a pioneer in the struggle against Israel and noted that now most countries of the world oppose its existence. He noted that Israel has no reason to exist and that it is collapsing because it has served as a tool of the West in the region. He added that, according to the information in his possession, the citizens of Israel want to leave their country and emigrate to other countries, and he added that, before the incident of the flotilla, Israel had planned to attack Gaza in the coming summer, in order „to compensate for past defeats.“ He further stated that „even if nothing is done against them, they (Israel) are finished.“

11. President Ahmadinejad sharply condemned Israel and addressed the Western countries, saying, „Look at the fate of the Zionist regime. You (the West) have gathered the biggest criminals under the pretext of lies and excuses, and through military might you have forced them on our region.“ He noted, „It is now clear that the most hated régime on the face of the earth is the Zionist régime, which has reached the end of the road.“ He emphasized that this regime will be annihilated and the nations of the region and the Palestinian people will breathe a sigh of relief, and he noted that now even a military confrontation will not save it. He determined that the countries of the West no longer see any benefit in the „Zionist regime,“ and they are deliberating whether to continue supporting it. He added that „the Zionist regime“ is sitting and planning in its sick mind that if it starts a new war against Lebanon or against Syria, then its accursed life will be prolonged a bit (Khabar Television, Iranian television, March 11, 2010).

12. On a visit to Damascus (February 25-26, 2010), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that if Israel repeats the mistakes that it made in the past, that would be the end of it, and he stated that Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq would stand against it and tear it out by the roots. He added that Iran will always stand beside Syria and the Palestinian resistance, and he declared a new Middle East without the presence of the „occupying Zionists,“ and he also noted that this was „God’s promise that would be fulfilled.“ In his meeting with Shi’ite and Sunni clerics, he noted that all the missions of God’s emissary would be complete when the „Zionists“ are annihilated (Fars News Agency, ISNA, IRNA, February 25-26, 2010, Tabnak, February 27).

13. The Iranian President spoke about Israel at the Durban 2 conference in Geneva (April 20, 2009) and declared that a great effort should be made to stop the exploitation by the Zionists and their political and international supporters, in accordance with the wishes of the nations. He said that governments should be encouraged in their struggle to obliterate this barbaric racism, and move toward reform in international relations. He added that there is no doubt that everyone is aware of the conspiracy of some of the arrogant and Zionist forces against the objectives of this conference. He further added that, unfortunately, there are declarations supporting the Zionists and their crimes, and that it was the responsibility of the nations‘ representatives to expose these campaigns, which contradict human principles and values and, therefore, it must be recognized that such a boycott of the conference is an indication of the most blatant kind of support for racism (Iranian television, IRNA, April 20, 2009).

It should be noted that upon Ahmadinejad’s return to Teheran, he once again attacked Israel, declaring that „We must smash the Zionist idol and save humanity.“

14. In an interview on PBS (September 26, 2008), Ahmadinejad was asked if he believes that Israel should be wiped off the map and he said, „Yes, I say that crimes that were committed by countries, occupation, the murder of the elderly, women and children, must be stopped in any situation.“ „He emphasized that „If the only way to end it is the destruction of Israel, then it must be destroyed.“

The Holocaust:

15. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that „All foundations of this regime [Israel] are based on lies and deception. The Holocaust is one of these big lies. The Zionist regime is directed not only against the Palestinians and nations in the region…. Zionists are an instrument of the West’s domination in the world everywhere, including Africa, Latin America and Asia. The Zionist regime is the main axis in the unity of robbers and criminals throughout the world. (Jerusalem Day remarks, August 26, 2011)

16. President Ahmadinejad noted (May 9, 2011), during his participation in the fourth UN Conference of Less Developed Countries in Turkey: „With the pretext of the Second World War, they occupied the lands of the Palestinians and let a criminal government rule the country…Exploiting the issue of the Holocaust is similar to what is now happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. [With the pretext of] the Holocaust narrative, the leaders of the imperialist regimes conquered the lands of other nations and established a criminal and traitorous imperialistic regime that is called ‚the Zionist regime,‘ through which they have been committing crimes in our region for the past 65 years. The West, which imposes its own opinions, does not allow independent and objective groups to investigate and present their findings in connection with the Holocaust“ (The official website of the President of Iran).

17. During a press conference (July 8, 2010) that he held at the D8 summit in Abuja, Nigeria, Ahmadinejad once again raised speculation about the Holocaust and asked why no in-depth investigation of the issue was possible. He also connected the Holocaust to the issue of the Palestinians and wondered why the Palestinians had to pay the price. He noted that the Zionists are the ones who are destroying the world and added, „If we clarify the truth behind the subject of the Holocaust, we can destroy the philosophy behind the Zionist régime“ (Fars News Agency, IRNA, July 8-9, 2010).

18. The Iranian President referred (January 14, 2010) to the subject of the Holocaust and said that, for years, the US and the „Zionists“ had attacked Iran because of that issue, but it seems that they [the US and Israel] have been exposed as liars (Fars News Agency, Mehr Iran News , ISNA, January 15-16, 2010).

The Palestinian Issue and Support for Terrorist Organizations:

19. Ahmadinejad referred to the Palestinian issue and condemned the US and Israel (July 30, 2011) for their „conspiracy“ to implement „a compromise plan“ in the Middle East. He warned that by means of „these conspiracies,“ the US wants to persuade other countries to recognize the „Zionist regime.“ Ahmadinejad noted that this is a „historic battle“ and added that „if we succeed in defeating the enemy and its plot to compromise and recognize the „Zionist regime“ in the Palestinian territories, we will be able to put an end to colonialism.“ Later on (July 31), the Iranian President stated that during the past 15 years, it seems that the „Zionist regime“ has become unstable and that it „has to go“ (Fars News Agency, July 30).

20. President Ahmadinejad determined that unity among the Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, would lead to the „destruction of the Zionists,“ and he termed the „Zionist regime“ a „cancerous growth.“ He added that it must not be allowed to develop and spread to the entire region. He emphasized that the Palestinians must be given a state, and all the Palestinian refugees returned to the cities from which they came (Iranian television, IRNA, May 16, 2011).

The US:

21. In the course of a meeting that he held (June 1, 2011) with members of the „popular“ Egyptian delegation that visited Iran, Ahamdinjad stated that the US is a „Zionist regime.“ They are not only the common enemy of Iran and Egypt, but the enemy of all countries in the region. He noted that the US and Israel are afraid of renewal of relations between Iran and Egypt because it will lead to all the „Zionists“ leaving the region, without war. He added that all measures must be taken so that Iran and Egypt would be anti-hegemony and anti-Zionist countries. He again described Israel as a „cancerous growth“ that is metastasizing into Palestinian land, and he added that „now everyone knows that the ‘Zionist regime‘ is not legitimate and the most hated in the world.“ (Fars News Agency, Iranian television, Mehr Iran News, IRNA, June 1, 2011).

22. The Iranian President stated that the US is saving the „Zionist regime“ by „acts of deceit“ and described the existence of this regime on Palestinian land as „a cancerous growth in the body of the countries in the region.“ He added that the residents of Iran demand the destruction of Israel. He warned against escalation in the region by saying that Israel should „be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire“ (IRNA, May 20 6, 2011).

23. President Ahmadinejad sharply attacked the US and its allies and warned against what he called their „military involvement“ in North Africa and the Middle East. He noted that if they continued to do so, the countries of the region would stand against them and there would be „big graves for your soldiers“ (Iranian television, March 2, 2011). Before that, he stated that „now dictators in the region are killing their people with weapons purchased from the US and its allies.“ He called on the US to explain why it had imposed a dictatorship on the nations of the region during the past 30-40 years (Fars News Agency, March 1, 2011).

24. Ahmadinejad condemned the assassination of the nuclear scientists in Teheran, and noted that the US is worse than a dictatorship, stating that it had murdered the nuclear scientists because it was not strong enough to contend with the Iranian people (Iranian television, Dec. 6, 2010).

25. The Iranian President once again stated (October 3, 2010) that the US and its allies exploited the events of 9/11 in order to rationalize their infiltration into the Middle East and to do anything they wanted with it. He also called on the US to answer hundreds of questions that remain unresolved with regard to the events of 9/11 (it should be noted that he made statements in the same spirit in a speech he delivered in the UN General Assembly). He noted that the US had begun a game with the aim of „attacking our region“ and added that Washington wanted to steal regional assets and take control of the entire region. He demanded that the US cease its crimes and withdraw [its forces] from the region, before the nations of the region remove them forcibly (Iranian television, October 3, 2010).

Nuclear Issues:

26. President Ahmadinejad denied the accusations (June 22, 2011) that Iran is producing a nuclear bomb and described the claims as „false.“ He added that the West must know that if Iran wants to produce a nuclear bomb, it is not afraid of anyone, but he emphasized that that is not acceptable to Iran so it will never act to do so (Fars News Agency, June 22, 2011).

27. Ahmadinejad declared (December 8, 2010) that Iran would never waive its nuclear rights: its right to a nuclear fuel cycle, enrichment of uranium to 20% and construction of additional nuclear reactors (IRNA, December 8, 2010).

28. The Iranian President sharply criticized the Western countries on the issue of nuclear weapons in their possession. He said (December 5, 2010) that the countries of the West have a thousand nuclear bombs, so why are they worried about the fact that „Iran may be able to develop nuclear bombs within three years.“ He emphasized that the era of using nuclear weapons had ended (Iranian television, December 6, 2010).


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