German press council rebukes daily for false Israel claim – ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ erroneously said ‘tens of thousands of Israelis’ fled to Federal Republic. | Jerusalem Post

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BERLIN – The German Press Council reprimanded the largest broadsheet newspaper in Germany – the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) – for falsely claiming that tens of thousands of Israelis fled to Germany because of the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration….

…Sacha Stawski, the head of the Frankfurt-based Honestly Concerned media watchdog group, filed the formal complaint against SZ with the Press Council in September.

SZ is a “permanent topic” for his NGO because of its sloppy reporting on Israel, he told the Post. SZ has published anti-Jewish and rabidly anti-Israel cartoons, Stawski noted. The paper published a caricature of Israel as a demonic, starving monster and showed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, as a hook-nosed octopus devouring the world.

Stawski said that “piece by piece,” via articles and cartoons, SZ “demonizes and applies double standards to Israel.”

“No other country” is attacked in this form by SZ, he said. He praised the Press Council for establishing that SZ “crossed a line” with its false contention.

Portack from the Press Council told the Post that Stawski did a thorough job in proving that Schmitz’s numbers were incorrect. Asked if SZ is obligated to correct Schmitz’s report, Portack said in principle yes, because “a false presentation” exists…

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