Hasn’t Germany learned anything from its history? – Eldad Beck| Ynetnews

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  • Tac Thort
    Tac Thort

    I am german. I think the same. Unfortunatelly the same People Who claim for themselves to be against facism and antisemitism – the lefts and Antifa – are exactly, those people, Who cover antisemitic Muslims and i.e. boycott Israel or are found on embargo breaking ships. I am a rightwing and i dont apologize that fact. But I – like you – i am afraid about the fact that it Sees that many germans didnt learn out of our history. But this story is not too new. Remember Entebbe, munich, „landshut“ / somalia…. always german leftwings with palis…. and the people who helped the terrorists in the 1970s… are nowadays found in german von or ex-gov….. 🙁

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