Iran Press Review: 14 July 2015 | FDD

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President Hassan Rouhani delivered a televised addressed:

  • “We are now at an important crossroad in the history of the country, our revolution, and our regional situation. The situation in the past 12 years has continuously seen imaginations from the major powers and the proliferation of those imaginations among society and public opinion. I must say that a completely new page has turned.”
  • “This new page has begun on this basis that the solution to challenges in the world will be a shorter and less costly.”
  • “I am glad that we have been able to reach a new point after 23 months of negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and six global powers.”
  • “We were not looking for anyone to give us anything for free. We were seeking negotiations. We were seeking to pursue a fair and just agreement based on national interests and expediencies.”
  • “We were fortunately able to reach an agreement in a free and democratic space in matters related to security interests and national expansion.”
  • “The negotiations path began prior to this administration according to the opinion of the Supreme Leader and from the first day when problems began in the nuclear matter meaning 12 years ago.”
  • “The Eleventh Administration chose and began this very path.”
  • „We were pursuing four goals in these negotiations. The first was to be able to continue nuclear capabilities and nuclear technology and even nuclear activities inside the country.”
  • “The second was to lift incorrect, oppressive, and inhumane sanctions.”
  • “The third goal was to lift all United Nations Security Council resolutions that we perceived to be illegal.”
  • “The fourth goal was to take the Iranian nuclear file out of the chapter seven of the United Nations charter and fundamentally [take it out of] the Security Council.”
  • “All four goals were achieved in today’s agreement and in this joint comprehensive plan.”
  • “Today the agreement was struck in a situation where more than 6,000 centrifuges will remain, 5,000 of which will be in Natanz and 1,000 in Fordow. All centrifuges in Natanz will continue enrichment.”
  • “They first said that our limitations time will be between 20-25 years. Then they said 20 years plus 10. Then they said that 20 years is the last position and that they would not back down anymore.”
  • “But these 20 years fell to 10 years and in recent days reached 8 years.”
  • “In the matter of research and development (R&D) they said that R&D will only be allowed in IR1. It was a laughable and unacceptable demand. We already had IR1 [centrifuges] that were active, so R&D wouldn’t mean anything.”
  • “Then they said IR2 at most and finally said that it cannot be more than IR8. What the Islamic Republic of Iran sought were IR6 and IR8. The agreement we wanted was to inject UF6 gas in IR8 [centrifuges] on implementation day, and today we reached such an agreement.”
  • “Regarding Arak, they said the reactor could remain but heavy water does not have any meaning whatsoever. Today the agreement was struck in such circumstances in which heavy water Arak is clearly mentioned.”
  • “Regarding Fordow, they first said…that no centrifuges could remain there and for it to remain as an isotope research center. After months they said that only 164 centrifuges could remain in Frodow. Now, more than 1,000 centrifuges will remain in Fordow and part of it will remain for isotope research and expansion.”
  • “Today I announce to the noble Iranian nation that all sanctions, even arms and missile sanctions, will be lifted…Arms embargo will be set aside for 5 years as a sort of limitation and then lifted.”
  • “Based on today’s agreement that will be ratified in the United Nations Security Council in the coming days, all 6 previous resolutions will be lifted.”
  • “For us, this agreement is the beginning of a test regarding confidence to implement this agreement.”
  • “Today implementing the agreement is two sided. If they are committed to this agreement, we will of course be committed.”
  • “Today, in reality, is the day of joint announcement. Implementation day is when all European and American sanctions will be lifted. This agreement, of course, has phases. Today was the first phase meaning all seven countries accepted the articles of the agreement.”
  • “Today is the day when major powers announced that all sanctions and all oppressive [UNSC] resolutions will be lifted and normal relations would begin with Iran.”
  • “The vagarious efforts that the usurper Zionist regime undertook in these past 23 months have failed.”
  • “I announce that anyone is free to criticize but I will not permit them to damage the people’s hope and confidence in the future, economic growth, and peace and security in the country and the region with lies, accusations, and unsubstantiated claims.”
  • Addressing regional countries: “Do not be deceived by the propaganda of the Zionist regimes and ill-wishers of the Iranian nation. Iran and the power of Iran is your power.”
  • “We consider regional security our security and the stability of regional countries our own stability.”
  • “Our country’s science, technology, growth, and expansion will benefit our neighbors and regional countries.”

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