Israel: Facebook’s Zuckerberg has blood of slain Israeli teen on his hands | The Times of Israel

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  • Stefan Joel Holfert
    Stefan Joel Holfert

    „Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who leads the Orthodox-nationalist Jewish Home party, said he would present a far-reaching plan to halt the wave of terror attacks at Saturday’s meeting.

    Suggestions included in his plan, Bennett said, were the imprisonment or expulsion of terrorists’ families; the arrest of all Hamas operatives in the West Bank; the destruction of thousands of illegally built homes in the West Bank; the complete closure of the villages of assailants; resumption of full military activity in West Bank areas that are under the control of the Palestinian Authority; preventing Palestinian vehicles from traveling on Route 60 — the West Bank’s main north-to-south road; and disabling the Internet in the entire Hebron region.“ Für ähnliche Forderungen, wurde ich 24 Stunden gesperrt.

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