ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES RESCUE LAST REMAINING JEWS FROM SYRIA – So it is now official. Syria is “juden rein”. | Jewish Media Agency

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  • Sigi Königsberg
    Sigi Königsberg

    Und die Sochnut hat die Alija von Juden verhindert
    „However, their problems were not yet over.
    One woman, who is referred to as Gilda, was married to a Muslim man and had converted to Islam. While the rest of the family quickly received Israeli identity cards and resettled in Ashkelon, the Jewish Agency informed Gilda that people who voluntarily convert to a religion other than Judaism lose their right of return.
    According to Kahana, the two chose to return to Syria rather than remain in a Syrian refugee camp inside of Turkey. He says that he is still working to get them out again, but he is less optimistic about a second operation.
    „I am so frustrated with the Sochnut,“ he told the Jewish Chronicle. „They said she is not Jewish enough for us. The Israelis have been trying to hide this story. They screwed up.“
    A representative of the Jewish Agency confirmed that Gilda and her husband could not make aliyah because she had converted to Islam, and that the Interior Ministry gave the final order on the case.“

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