Kulturpolitik: Chefin des Polnischen Instituts in Berlin abberufen | Berliner Zeitung

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  • Gregor Grezel

    Ich konnte nirgendwo, auch nicht in Polnisch, etwas dazu finden:

    — Der neue polnische Botschafter in Berlin, Andrzej Przylebski beklagte, sie würde zu oft polnisch-jüdische Themen in den Vordergrund stellen…”—

    Es gibt dazu keine Quelle, somit muss ich hier eine typische Kampagne der deutschen Medien gegen Polen vermuten. Keine Ahnung was man sich in Deutschland von solchen Hassartikeln verspricht.

  • Gregor Grezel

    Kommentar von einem Juden Matthew Tyrmand dazu:

    “These firings cannot come soon enough. These uber leftists and cultural Marxists staffing a division of the democratically elected Polish govt’s foreign service will cry injustice and racism and whatever else they can to paint some conspiratorial picture but the fact is they serve at the pleasure of the govt who appoints the positions. They don’t like it? Go march in KOD rallies (most of them already do), go work for Soros in Polish Open Society Foundations (such as Stefan Batory), or join Krasko and the rest of the former public media hacks at TVN and Agora. The big travesty outlined in the below is that it took over a year to begin pushing out these arrogant entitled cultural elites. And they should be finishing the job not starting it at this point. Shame on the ministries for moving as slow as running under water. As wise men Leopold Tyrmand and Andrew Breitbart both said over and over…to win the battle of ideas you have to win the culture (“Politics is downstream from culture”). Get cracking people.”

  • Gregor Grezel

    Kommentar von einem anderen Juden Jonny Daniels dazu:

    “Before people decide to use this as some kind of proof of the current Polish governments anti-Semitic stance, remember that in Poland, just like the US, ambassadors, including cultural ambassadors appointments are political appointments, whether a good idea or not, and that’s a different debate, people are placed in positions who represent the ruling administration.

    People scrambling for jobs when they get fired attempt to bring any proof of what they always deem an unfair dismissal.

    We as Jews should remember the story of the boy who cried wolf, because when you keep screaming about a fake wolf, when the real one comes, no one will listen.”

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