Obama’s brother wears Hamas scarf bearing anti-Israel slogans in photo – Washington Times

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  • Ursula Duba

    a) this is VERY old. and what exactly does the distribution of this pic mean, sacha? i am disappointed in you, deeply so. we certainly don’t need more insinuating slander. (besides, this is a HALF-brother.)

  • David Tauch

    Ursula Duba: You state slander but I just see a picture objectively displaying the mans affiliation. Sacha passed on information no more but your interpretation seems worrisome. Please explain your motives and give me a short description of your background and what motives you 🙂

  • Sacha Stawski

    Hallo Ursula Duba: Generally, I try to share articles, which are of general interest to mixed audiences. When a half brother, who has close contacts with his Presidential brother, sends out a clear message by weearing such a scarf, I consider this to be of general interest and the fact that this was published by a mainstream publication like the Washington Times reaffirms this point. I did make the mistake, however, of not noticing that the article/pic. is from January of this year. If I had seen that before, I probably wouldn’t have published this link at this time.

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