Ahmadinejad/Hitler cartoon launched

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A pro-Israel media watchdog in Germany is featuring a cartoon showing Iran’s arab-parast president and Adolf Hitler playing soccer with a nuclear bomb. Sacha Stawski, president of Honestly Concerned, launched the cartoon Wednesday as part of a campaign during the 2006 World Cup to draw attention to the policies and statements of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , who has denied the Holocaust and called for Israel’s destruction.

In the cartoon, which can be viewed at http://www.honestlyconcerned.info/video.html, the two characters dribble past defenders including Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair, France’s president, Jacques Chirac and Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. secretary of state, finally scoring a nuclear “goal.”

Stawski said he hoped the cartoon would call attention “to the dangers of Iran, not just to Jews or Israel but to the West and the world.”

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