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Honestly Concerned e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein - mit Juden
und Nichtjuden als Teilnehmer. Wir engagieren uns für eine
wahrhaftige Berichterstattung und gegen Antisemitismus,
Fremdenhass und Intoleranz.

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Honestly Concerned e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein.
Wir werden weder staatlich, parteilich, oder sonst durch eine
bestimmte Organisation, religiöse Gemeinschaft oder andere
Quelle finanziell unterstützt. Wir sind allein auf die Hilfe unserer
Leser, Freunde und Förderer angewiesen.
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Was ist Antisemitismus?
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Wie schreibt man einen
wirksamen Leserbrief?
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PA president threatens ‘important and fateful decisions’ after soldiers seize security camera footage in heart of Ramallah, possibly connected to manhunt for Ofra terrorist
Visiting Jerusalem, Matteo Salvini slams European block for ‘condemning and sanctioning Israel left and right,’ says he lacks authority to move embassy to Jerusalem
Scott Morrison’s cabinet said to approve shift in foreign policy, while putting off relocating mission due to $200 million price tag
Terror group’s spokesman says drive-by shooting that critically injures pregnant Israeli woman and wounds 6 others affirms ‘legitimacy’ of Palestinian resistance
In a particularly ludicrous article for the Washington Times on Tuesday, Rob Sobhani offers a love letter to Qatar. While it reads like the work of a lobbyist, neither Sobhani or his company is listed as such with the U.S. government. So, we must assume the author's assertions of love for Qatar's government are heartfelt.
By joining the international Financial Action Task Force, Israel will be able to 'take part in setting international rules in the realm of terror financing and money laundering, rules that it is subject to in any event,' says Justice Ministry official.
Op-ed: Haifa Mayor Einat Kalisch-Rotem is striking a blow against coexistence between Jews and Arabs by appointing terror supporter and agitator Raja Za'atara as her deputy.

Yango, a taxi-hailing service by Russian technology company Yandex, began operating in Israel Monday

Less than two weeks before Christmas, and in light of mass leaving of Christian-Palestinians, the Church of Nativity enjoys a well-earned renovation, showing off its 600-year-old beauty.
A week into Operation Northern Shield, the IDF finds another attack tunnel crossing from Lebanon into Israel; the troops placed explosives in the tunnel; Netanyahu warns Hezbollah of 'unimaginable blow' if it 'makes a mistake and harms us.'


In Gelsenkirchen sind erneut Nazi-Schmierereien aufgetaucht: Diesmal an der Hauswand der Synagoge in der Altstadt. Die Polizei sucht Zeugen.

A $2-million pledge from Taube Philanthropies promises to fix ‘glaring omissions’ at National WWII Museum and grow distance-learning for Holocaust-related programs
Crooner’s kippa, with Frank and musical notes crocheted on border, smashes estimate of $200 to $400; unclear where he got it from
Nazi officer getup sold online is ‘disrespectful on so many levels,’ memorial tells retailer Escapade on Twitter
Jews in Europe unsurprised by results of grim survey that found some 90% of the local community sense increasing levels of hatred toward them
One person was killed and six were wounded Tuesday in a shooting near a Christmas market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, local officials said. The regional government said a “serious security event” was underway in the city.
A central square was cordoned off by police
Rome’s historic center, with its cobblestoned streets, is dotted with more than 200 plaques in front of homes of Jews who were killed or deported during World War II. On Sunday night, 20 such bronze plaques were stolen.
Yesterday I posted how Jew hater Roger Waters tried to shame the UK Pink Floyd Experience into cancelling their Israel performances. And it worked, thanks to outright harassment from Waters’ minions.