Photo’s Qassam Rockets – S’derot 30 May 2007

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Photo’s Qassam Rockets – S’derot 30 May 2007

Photos received from
Yacob Snir. They were taken in S’derot yesterday.
Also included are pictures showing an apartment just one hour after a rocket exploded yesterday.




Qassam Rocket S’derot 30 May 2007 11:45 am


  • Image001-002:
    Kitchen of the apartment where a Qassam Rocket exploded. In this apartment lives a family with three children. Nobody was present at the moment of the explosion. 

  • Image003:

    Same location from outside.

  • Image004:

    Owner of the apartment.

  • Image005:

    Father and his twin Dima and Yososef living in the apartment one floor downstairs. His wife Mirjam and his oldest daughter Rima are in the hospital because of the shock. All windows are broken.


Community Centre in S’derot


  • Image006-008:
    Those pictures are from the community centre in S’derot. The evening before the rocket exploded in this centre, lectures were given to 70 immigrants from all over the world. At 10 p.m. the lectures ended. Just two hours later the rocket exploded.


Emergency Team in S’derot


  • Image009:

    This special emergency team is ready to help when a new rocket is launched. Directly after the explosion they drive to the place of emergency, giving first aid and cleaning the location afterwards.


Rests of Rockets at the police station in S’derot


  • Image010-Image010a:
    After the head of the rocket explodes, the motor is left. At the police station the rockets are marked with the date they exploded. This one is from Tuesday 29 May 2007.

  • Image011-Image012:
    This is just a piece of the rockets which exploded in S’derot.


Ballet Room in New Community Center


  • Image013-014:
    Sunday 27 May, early in the morning a rocket exploded in this ballet room. During the day classes with young children learn dancing here.


Allon Shuster – Mayor of the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council

  • Image015-016:
    Allon Shuster explaining some of the situation. On the satellite map he shows that the terrorists fire the Qassam Rockets from very densely populated areas. In those areas it is almost impossible to attack the terrorists, without making civil victims.  


Shaar Hanegev High School


  • Image017:

    Provisional shelters on the schoolyard around Shaar Hanegev High School, where a rocket exploded in an (empty) class room.

  • Image018:

    The blue color of this class room means that the room is sheltered. Today this room is empty, because the students have examinations today. Other locations have been arranged by the management, because students may have concentration problems under the threat of new rockets.

  • Image019:

    Shahat (left) and Ohad are students on Shaar Hanegev High School. Like 70% of the students from Shaar Hanegev High School, Shahat and Ohad live in an area which isn’t in the range of Qassam Rockets. While the quality of the education is high, Ohad’s parents would like to register him in another school. The teachers are wondering how many students will return next year.


Ela Abecassis


  • Image020:

    This community centre is dedicated to Ela Abecassis. When the public announcement for the rocket came, there was no shelter near. She covered here little brother with her body. After the explosion she died from her wounds. Her little brother survived.

  • Image021:

    Picture of a photo album. On the picture in the middle you see the saved little brother Ela Abecassis doing Bar Mitzwa.  



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