Einige wichtige Fakten und Hintergründe zu dem neuen (umstrittenen) Gesetztesentwurf – „The Nation-State Law“

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The Nation-State Law – Main Points

  • The State of Israel is a Jewish and democratic country. These two core values are intertwined and equal – one does not take precedence over the other. Israel ensures equal rights for all its citizens without regard to religion, race or sex.
  • Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. This principle is fundamental to all the national and international documents that led to the independence of the State of Israel – the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations Mandate, the UN Partition Plan and the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel.
  • In Israel, all citizens enjoy equal rights. Over the years, Israel anchored individual rights in a series of Basic Laws. Now it is crucial to complete the complementary next step by anchoring in a Basic Law that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, a Jewish and democratic Country.
  • The Prime Minister is working to formulate proposed legislation for a Basic Law that will provide the constitutional standing of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The proposed law will be formulated in coordination with the Attorney General to ensure that it is consistent with existing Basic Laws. Alongside the constitutional basis of the State of Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish people, the proposed legislation will include, inter alia, the following principles:

o      The State of Israel is a democratic country, founded on the principles of liberty, justice and peace, and a country which upholds the individual rights of all its citizens in accordance with the law.

o      The State will act to allow all its inhabitants, without regard to religion, race or nationality, to act to preserve their culture, heritage, language and identity.

o      The State will protect the sanctity of and access to the Holy Places of all religions.

  • The law is especially necessary at this time, when some are trying to undermine the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination in its historic homeland. Yet many of these same people champion the national self-determination of the Palestinians. This is hypocritical and a double standard.
  • The proposed law is entirely compatible with the desire of those who support a solution based on two states for two peoples – a nation-state for the Jewish people and a nation-state for the Palestinian people.


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