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  1. Kuwait Times  – Israel should destroy Iran’s nuclear program   
    10 March, 2008  – The destruction of Iran’s nuclear capabilities would be in the interest of the Arab nations in the Gulf, and it would be „less embarrassing“ if it was done by Israel rather than the US, a top Kuwaiti strategist said in remarks published yesterday.
    Officially Kuwait, like the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, wants a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West and will not allow the US to use its territories for any attack on Iran.
    But when asked in an interview with Al-Siyassah about the consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear reactors, analyst and former government adviser Sami al-Faraj said it would not be such a bad thing. „Honestly speaking, they would be achieving something of great strategic value for the GCC by stopping Iran’s tendency for hegemony over the area,“ he said, adding that „nipping it in the bud by Israeli hands would be less embarrassing for us“ than if the Americans did it.

  2. THEJC Israel unconvinced on Iran sanctions
    By Anshel Pfeffer, Jerusalem
    The Israeli government has warned that a third round of sanctions against Iran, authorised by the United Nations this week, will be ineffective in deterring the regime from pursuing its objective of acquiring nuclear arms.
    While officially expressing satisfaction over the UN resolution, senior Israeli officials were much more sceptical behind the scenes. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also expressed satisfaction over the resolution but added that „the international community will have to take further steps to deter Iran from building nuclear weapons“.
    Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s office issued a statement saying that the sanctions „are an unambiguous message that the international community cannot condone Iran’s nuclear programme“.

  3. HA’ARETZ Livni to Obama: There is a direct link between Iran and terror
    U.S. pres. hopeful telephones Livni ahead of Washington visit, says Israel must continue peace talks. 

  4. HA’ARETZ French, Israel presidents see eye to eye on Iran
    Peres met Sarkozy yesterday in Paris, finding many points of agreement.

    1. (Pressemitteilung) – Russland fordert neue Iran-Gespräche
      Paris (AP) Der russische Außenminister Sergej Lawrow hat zu neuen Verhandlungen über das iranische Atomprogramm aufgerufen. Die bisherigen Gespräche der … 

  5. JP Russian FM urges dialogue with Iran
    Lavrov says discussions in old format unproductive; French counterpart: „We tried, tried, tried.“

  6. „NETT“
    THE JERUSALEM POST  – Int’l support for Iran sanctions down
    Worldwide support for severe international action against Iran has dropped over the past year and a half, according to a new study by the BBC. According to the results of the study, there has been a marked decline in the number of people who favor sanctions or military action against the Islamic Republic over its unwillingness to heed the UN and the international community and stop enriching uranium.
    Most of the 30,000 people who were polled said that Iran should be allowed to produce nuclear fuel under the condition that it does so under UN supervision. Support for outright military action against Teheran has declined in over half of the countries that participated in the study, including in countries that in the past had shown support for such an action.
    In 14 of 21 countries polled in a similar study in 2006, over 35 percent supported harsh action against Iran. In 2008, the number of countries sporting over 35 percent support for military action dropped to nine. 

  7. JP – Editorials – Explaining Iran
    Unlike NIE, Israeli version, at least, does not try to obscure the obvious.

  8. JP Hamas commander: Iran training our men 

  9. Dankesrede von Parvin Ardalan anlässlich der Verleihung des Olof Palme Preises 2007  
    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Guten Tag.
    Ich bin sehr glücklich und geehrt, dass ich von der unabhängigen und renommierten Olof-Palme-Stiftung ausgewählt worden bin, den Olof-Palme-Preis zu erhalten. Dieser Preis ist mir im Namen einer Persönlichkeit überreicht worden, die für Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Freundschaft gelebt und dafür mit ihrem Leben bezahlt hat. Daher ist mir sehr bewußt, dass ich nun eine noch größere Verantwortung trage. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass die Preisverleihung an mich nicht nur im Sinne der Ehrung der individuellen Kämpfe der iranischen Frauen ist, ja, viel mehr ist dies eine Ehrung für die gemeinschaftlichen Aktivitäten der sich für Gerechtigkeit einsetzenden Frauenbewegung und der anderen sozialen Bewegungen. Dieser Preis zeigt sehr gut, dass die Bemühungen derjenigen, die Gerechtigkeit und Gleichberechtigung im Iran verteidigen, sehr effektiv waren, trotz aller Höhen und Tiefen, der Sackgassen und frauenfeindlichen Steine, die ihnen in den Weg gelegt wurden. Ja! Unsere Gerechtigkeit fordernde Stimme hat heute die ganze Welt erreicht. Zudem bin ich mir aber auch sehr bewußt darüber, dass mit diesem Preis der Druck und die Beschuldigungen gegen mich zunehmen werden. Ich überreiche diesen Preis allen iranischen Frauen, meiner Mutter, der Mütter der in den Kerkern sitzenden Gefangenen, und allen anderen Müttern meiner Heimat, die uns gelehrt haben, wie wir leiden, aber auch wie wir gegen die Diskriminierung Widerstand leisten, damit wir unseren Kindern und den künftigen Generationen beibringen, wie sie protestieren müssen.

  10. THE JERUSALEM POST  – Iran issues Mughniyeh memorial stamp
    Iran’s postal service issued a stamp Monday in commemoration of a top Hizbullah commander wanted by the US who was killed in a car bombing in Syria last month, the official news agency IRNA reported.  
    Imad Mughniyeh (left, circled in red) during the TWA hijacking crisis.
    Photo: Screen capture
  11. HAARETZ The road to Gaza runs through Tehran  By Amir Oren
    „Anyone who says that a big operation in Gaza will be 10 times as complicated, complex and dangerous as Operation Defensive Shield“ – the West Bank incursion of spring 2002 – „doesn’t know what he is talking about,“ a senior security expert who is very familiar with the situation in the territories said a week ago. „And not a hundred times, either – it will be a thousand times harder.“
    A bit of an exaggeration, perhaps, but not completely off the wall. Advanced armies are built to mass forces in order to vanquish rival armies; and on the other side, to attack and destroy those same concentrations of forces, from the air and with shelling and the movement of armored corps. Terrorist and guerrilla organizations operate by the opposite logic: They atomize into particles in order to make action against them difficult. A large-scale Israel Defense Forces incursion into Gaza would bring into the streets not only the organized units of Hamas but also tens of thousands of arms bearers who will jeopardize the soldiers‘ lives and therefore will constitute targets of preventive or reactive fire, resulting in mass killing. 

  12. HA’ARETZ  Minister Boim accuses IAEA chief of serving as agent for Iran
    Boim tells Channel 1 ElBaradei has made it ‚impossible to create strong coalition‘ against Iran nukes.  

    1.– „Iran is our mother„: Hamas says 150 jihadists currently training in Iran
      The proxy war goes on. „Palestinian group Hamas admits that its fighters are trained in Iran,“ by Marie Colvin for the Sunday Times:

    2. Analysis: Hezbollah gets a billion dollar subsidy from Iran  Dr. Walid Phares
      Beirut- A few weeks ago, articles published around the world reported that Hezbollah is undergoing two major changes. Both portend greater violence from the Iranian-sponsored global terrorist network.
      The first change is a shift in leadership responsibilities. A report published initially in the Saudi owned Sharq al Awsat said the office of Ayatollah Khomenei appointed deputy secretary general Sheikh Naim Qassim as the new supreme commander of Hezbollah forces and the personal representative of the Ayatollah in Lebanon. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, according to this report remains as secretary general of the organization. Sources said this change in control and command is because of „differences in opinions“ between Narsrallah and Qassim.

  13. haGalil onLine Hamas-Terroristen in Teheran ausgebildet
    Erstmalig hat ein Kommandeur der Hamas Einschätzungen der israelischen Sicherheitsbehörden bestätigt, nach denen Mitglieder der Terrororganisation im Iran …


  14. threatswatch.orgMuqtada: Another Change of Command Inside Iranian-Backed Terror
    The Chicago Tribune reported that Muqtada al-Sadr addressed on Friday „in an unusually personal letter to his followers“ that he is taking a break, seemingly hanging up ballots an bullets. It is of course difficult for a Baghdad slumlord to address his ‘masses‘ in person. It’s a long walk from Tehran.
    „So far I did not succeed either to liberate Iraq or make it an Islamic society — whether because of my own inability or the inability of society, only God knows,“ Sadr wrote.
    „The continued presence of the occupiers, on the one hand, and the disobedience of many on the other, pushed me to isolate myself in protest. I gave society a big proportion of my life. Even my body became weaker, I got more sicknesses.“
    What Muqtada did not say was that, having outlived his usefulness, his Iranian masters have determined that he needs to stay out of the way. Sadr is apparently not the only one ‘sick‘ and ‘tired.‘

  15. Iran summons Slovenian diplomat
    The Slovenian charge d’affaires said all countries are duty-bound to respect divine religions, adding that he will convey Iran ’s protest to the European …

  16. „NETT“
    Iran to Export Gas to Europe Via Croatia
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s ambassador to Croatia said that his country’s natural gas will be transferred to the European Union via Croatian borders.
    „Iran offered a proposition to Croatia for transferring its gas to Europe,“ Mohammad Hassan Fada’i added according to Press TV.
    According to this proposition, a gas terminal will be established and Iran’s gas pipeline will be extended to Switzerland and Austria through Croatian borders.

  17. FNA – Iran, Algeria, Qatar, Russia Move to Create Gas Cartel
    TEHRAN – Tehran’s Ambassador to Moscow Gholamreza Ansari said that Iran, Algeria, Qatar and Russia are holding consultations on the creation of an OPEC like gas cartel, with the structure of the organization being the main topic on the agenda.
    „Now gas producers are in talks and consultations on the creation of a certain OPEC like structure. We hope that the creation of a relevant organization will be a result of the talks, which we view in a positive manner,“ Ansari said in an interview with Interfax.
    „We hope that the creation of this organization will bring good not only to producers but also consumers, and will contribute to the efficient use of this type of energy,“ he added.

  18. YNET ‚Dutch film to breed violence‘
    Photo: AFP

    Iran cites universal human rights declaration, says anti-Quran movie should be banned 

  19. IranMania- Iran 135,000 tons of goods exported via Kerman 
    LONDON, March 10  (IranMania) – Over 135,000 tons of goods worth 6,164 bln rials ($662,5 mln) have been exported via Kerman Customs Office in the current Iranian year, IRNA reported. 
    Announcing this on Sunday, the director general of Kerman Customs Office said that the figure showed a 10% increase compared to the same period last year.
    „Most of the exported goods included pistachio, copper products, wool, paints, resins and edible products,“ Hossein Salari said.
    He cited European countries, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Turkey and Central Asian counties as the target markets, adding over 20,000 tons of goods, worth rls 659 bln, have been imported via Kerman Custom Office during the same period.

  20. „NETT“
    Iran cultural week due in Netherlands
    LONDON, March 10   – Spring Cleaning, an Iranian cultural festival will be held in Amsterdam, aiming to offer an innovative image of the rich Iranian culture, PressTV reported.
    The Iranian cultural festival is to be held from March 12 to 18 in the Mediamatic cultural institution in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.
    The event is one of the very comprehensive festivals in Europe, which focuses on the poetry, cinema and culture of contemporary Iran.
    The festival will present short films made by Iranian directors and poetry recitals from 100 years of modern Persian poetry along with traditional music and a photo exhibit.
    There will be a music section to introduce the country’s traditional dance and music. Persian poems will be another section of the 7-day program.

    1. – Hintergrund: Die größten iranischen Parteien
      Im Iran sind am Freitag mehr als 40 Millionen Menschen zur Wahl eines neuen Parlaments aufgerufen. Für die 290 Sitze hat der von konservativen Geistlichen … 

    2. – Reformer im Iran ohne Chance
      Teheran – Wieder ist den Reformern im Iran schon vor der Parlamentswahl jegliche Chance auf einen Durchbruch genommen worden. Wie bereits vor vier Jahren … 

    3. EuroNews – Der Iran steht vor der Wahl
      Um die knapp dreihundert Sitze bewerben sich mehr als viertausend Kandidaten. Diese Parlamentswahl gilt auch als Testwahl für Präsident Machmud … 

  21. Wiener Zeitung – „Diese Wahlen werden die Weichen im Iran stellen“
    Sie selbst haben ein sehr enges Verhältnis zum mächtigsten Mann im Iran, dem obersten religiösen Führer Ali Khamenei. Daher meine Frage: Wozu tendiert er … 

  22. Financial Times Deutschland – Ex-Spion warnt vor Angriff Israels auf Iran
    Sollte sich die Situation im Iran aber „sehr schlecht“ entwickeln, werde Israel „nicht dasitzen und nichts tun“. Der ehemalige Geheimdienstler und General … 

  23. IranMania News Egypt summons Iran’s envoy to Cairo
    LONDON, March 7 (IranMania) – The Egyptian government has summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires in Cairo to complain about a demonstration that took place … 

  24. IPS – New SCNS Guidelines For The Press
    Paris, 7 Mar.  In a „secret“ letter to all major Iranian newspapers and news agencies, the Supreme Council on National Security has established a guideline for the media about the way issues concerning the nuclear question, the Iran-Iraq relations, Tehran-Washington talks on Iraq, elections etc and at the same time proposes subject for articles.
              According to Iranian observers and veteran journalists, the letter, signed and sealed by Mr. Alireza Malekian, the deputy communication secretary of the SCNS, one of the highest decision-making bodies in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is „unprecedented in the history of Iranian press, especially after the Islamic Revolution of 1979“.

    1. YNET Price on Ehud Barak’s head
      Poster in Tehran with images of Barak, Dagan and Yadlin (Photo: AFP) 
      Radical Iranian organization declares financial prizes to be awarded to those who kill Israeli defense minister, Mossad director Meir Dagan and Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin as revenge for Mugniyah assassination
      Full Story . . .

  25. „NETT“
    Irish Sun –
    Iran Hardline Students Pay for Israeli Assassinations
    Iranian student news agency ISNA has reported that hardline students have threatened to kill Israeli military leaders and have already offered rewards for their deaths.
    The rewards total a million dollars for the so-called execution three Israeli military officials over the deadly strikes on Gaza.
    The students have also encouraged Iranians to donate their kidneys to pay for even higher rewards on the heads of Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, Mossad spy agency director Meir Dagan and military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin.
    The organisers say the rewards would be given to „any person or their families who could punish these individuals in any part of the world“.
    Pictures taken at a student rally showed a banner bearing pictures of the three Israelis against the backdrop of an Israeli flag, with rifle sights stencilled onto the foreheads of the trio.

  26. Agence France-Presse Stop threats then we’ll talk, Iran tells West – 10 March, 2008
    Iran on Sunday told the West it would only hold talks over its disputed nuclear programme if world powers stopped threatening further punitive measures against Tehran.
    „The time of using the policy of the carrot and the stick has ended,“ Javad Vaeedi, a top national security official, said on the sidelines of a security conference in Tehran.
    „If they (the West) want to have serious negotiations, in fair conditions and taking into account the interests of the two parties, they must first stop threatening.“
    His comments came a week after the UN Security Council tightened sanctions against Tehran over its refusal to heed the world body’s calls to freeze uranium enrichment, a potential weapons-making process.

  27. honestlyconcerned.infoStudentenprojekte auf iranisch
    honestreporting Media BackSpin, 10. März 2008

    Eines meiner Studentenprojekte war eine Karikaturenreihe zu MacBeth. Die Zeiten haben sich geändert. 
    Ein Student arrangiert Video CD’s von palästinensischen Selbstmordbombern während einer Veranstaltung im Teheraner Kulturzentrum am 9. März. Studenten einigten sich auf die Aussetzung einer Belohnung in Höhe von einer Million Dollar für den Mord an den drei israelischen Befehlshabern Ehud Barak, Amos Yadlin und Meir Dagan. (Morteza Nikoubazl/

  28. Two Iranian women received 99 lashes, on survival ordered to be stone till death.
    Iran: March 10, 2008. Two sisters – identified only as Zohreh and Azar – have been convicted of adultery in Iran. They have now been sentenced to be stoned to death.
    Adultery is a crime punishable by death in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with the canons of Islamic Sharia law. The Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the stoning sentence.
    Zohreh and Azar have already received 99 lashes for „illegal relations.“ Yet they were tried again for the same crime, and convicted of adultery on the evidence of videotape that showed them in the presence of other men while their husbands were absent. The video does not show either of them engaging in any sexual activity at all.

  29. Asia Times Online In Iran, fashion as protest
    He is just one of many Iranians for whom fashion – besides being fun – has become a form of protest against the country’s strict Islamic dress code.

  30. THE JERUSALEM POST – No ordinary hero  DIMI REIDER , Mar. 6, 2008
    My Life as a Traitor
    By Zarah Ghahramani and Robert Hillman
    Farrar, Straus and Giroux
    256 pages; $23
    A blindfolded 20-year-old girl is pushed into an interrogation room in Teheran’s notorious Evin prison. She can’t see her interrogator, but she can smell him. For the next 39 days she will endure beatings and humiliations for daring to organize student protests; when allowed to „rest“ in her minute cell, she recollects her upbringing in a loving, liberal middle-class Teherani family, sharply contrasted with the suspicious surveillance state outside, and her journey from „pink shoe sensibility“ – the muted protest of a girl not allowed to display outward signs of loveliness – to growing political involvement along with an infatuation with a student leader, Arash Hazrati. She is released in the end, thanks to the advocacy of a previous love interest, a man close to the regime; later on, she escapes to Australia.

  31. wind-in-the-wires.blogspot.comRegime Change Iran. Now!
    Im Iran vergeht kaum ein Tag, ohne dass das Mullahregime gegen die eigene Bevölkerung vorgeht. Dabei ist es beachtlich, dass die Iraner sich trotz staatlicher Repression immer wieder gegen die Sittenwächter zur Wehr setzen.
    Nachdem zum Beispiel Ende Februar eine „unzureichend“ verschleierte Frau von der teheraner Polizei festgenommen wurde, kam es zur Auseinandersetzung der „Sicherheitskräfte“ mit zehn Personen die versuchten das Opfer zu schützen. Bereits Mitte Februar hatte eine solche Verhaftung zu einem Zusammenstoß zwischen den staatlichen Sittenwächtern und den Anwohnern geführt, die der verfolgten Frau zur Hilfe eilten. Die Auseinandersetzungen nahmen solche Ausmaße an, dass eine Einheit der Revolutionären Garden zur Hilfe geholt werden musste.

  32. DRS   Wie wandlungsfähig ist Iran?
    In genau einer Woche wählen rund 44 Millionen Iraner ihr Parlament. Sie entscheiden somit, ob sie Präsident Achmadinejads konservativen Kurs weiter unterstützen, oder einen Wandel wollen.Ist ein Wandel im Gottesstaat, in der islamischen Republik, überhaupt möglich?Darüber sprach Nicole Frank mit Farsin Banki. Er hat 17 Jahre in der Schweiz gelebt und ist seit 3 Jahren zurück im Iran. Er ist Philosoph und arbeitet in Teheran als Germanistikprofessor.

  33. Parlamentswahl als Popularitätstest für Ahmadinejad
    Die Abstimmung über die 290 Sitze des Majlis gilt als Popularitätstest für Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinejad, dessen erste Amtszeit im kommenden Jahr endet.

  34. Ahmadinedschad-Kritiker im Aufwind
    Die Abstimmung über die 290 Sitze des Madschles gilt als Popularitätstest für Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad, dessen erste Amtszeit im kommenden Jahr endet …

  35. RP ONLINE – Keine Chance für Reformer
    Die Iraner sind unzufrieden mit Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad. Die Wirtschaft kommt einfach nicht auf die Füße. Am kommenden Freitag sind Parlamentswahlen …

  36. IPS RIGHTS-IRAN: Int’l Women’s Day Celebrations on Mute
    Four days prior to that, 33 women’s rights advocates, who had rallied in front of a revolutionary court to protest the trial of five women’s rights … 

  37. YNETBBC poll: Support for tough moves against Iran falls
    International poll finds support for sanctions, military actions against Iran falls in more than half the countries surveyed despite US intelligence report regarding Iran’s nuclear program
    Reuters Published:  03.11.08, 10:42 / Israel News 
    Support for military strikes or sanctions to stop Iran’s nuclear programme has fallen in more than half the countries surveyed in an international poll, pollsters said on Tuesday.

  38. MEMRI IRANIAN MEDIA BLOG Iran Will Attend Damascus Summit; Iraq Will Send PM, Not President
    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini has confirmed that Iran was invited to the Arab League summit in Damascus and that it intends to participate.
    He added that the level of its representation will be determined soon.
    The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki announced that he would represent Iraq at the summit, instead of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. The London daily Al-Hayat reported that this decision followed Syria’s decision to send a low-level delegation to the European Parliament conference on March 13.
    Source: Al-Hayat, London, March 11, 2008

  39. MEMRI IRANIAN MEDIA BLOG Iran Prevents Women Activists From Attending Dubai Conference; Iranian Paper Protests Against Sweden’s Awarding Of Palme Prize To Iranian Women’s Movement Leader
    Iran’s Information Ministry has prevented women’s rights activist Mansoura Shaja’i and attorney Nasrin Satouda from attending an International Women’s Day conference held by Iranian women living in Dubai.
    It should be noted that a February 12 article in Kayhan included both women’s names in a list of figures connected to Western espionage agencies.
    The conservative daily Jomhouri-e Eslami wrote that Sweden’s awarding the Olof Palme prize and a grant of $75,000 to women’s movement activist Parvin Ardalan (see
    „Iran Prevents Activist From Receiving Olof Palme Prize“) constituted interference in Iran’s internal affairs, and even support for terrorism, since Ardalan had links to terrorist circles.
    Source: Rooz, Jomhouri-e Eslami, Iran, March 11, 2008

  40. MEMRI IRANIAN MEDIA BLOG A First: VOA Interviews Iranian MP; Interview Could Prevent MP From Returning To Iran

    For the first time, an Iranian MP has been interviewed by the Voice of America.
    In the March 9 interview, MP Dr. Noureddin Pir-Moazzen harshly criticized the conservatives and the government of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for disqualifying many reformist candidates – including himself – for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
    Dr. Pir-Moazzen, who is also a surgeon, is currently in the U.S. for a medical conference.
    Today, the Iranian news agency Fars reported that an Iranian regime source had said that Pir-Moazzen could be forced to seek political asylum in the U.S.
    Conservative MP Elias Nadran attacked Pir-Moazzen for his interview with VOA, and said that parliament was not an abode for those spying for America.
    Source: Fars, Iran;, March 11, 2008

  41. MEMRI IRANIAN MEDIA BLOG Iranian MP: Russia, China „Deceitful“
    Iranian conservative MP Hossein Mozfar attacked China’s and Russia’s „hypocritical behavior“ in Iran’s nuclear crisis, saying that they benefit from many economic advantages due to their relations with Iran.
    Mozfar also attacked Iran’s China- and Russia-based foreign policy, while „their deceitful proceedings“ in the U.N. Security Council attests that they are acting solely according to their needs, even if it causes damage to countries such as Iran.
    Iranian Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy member Reza Talai Nik, said that Iran should use the power of its gas and oil to force Russia and China into an honest policy and to distance them from the U.S.
    Source: Jomhouri-e Eslami, Iran, March 10, 2008

  42. MEMRI IRANIAN MEDIA BLOG In Iran, 600 New Passdaran Combat Units Commissioned For Readiness for „Critical Security Conditions“
    The commander in chief of Iran’s Passdaran Corps Ground Forces, Commander Gen. Mohammad-Reza Zahedi, has announced the ‎commissioning of 600 new combat units, the Imam Hossein Brigades, across the country. ‎
    The Sobh-e Azadeghan publication, belonging to the Passdaran ‎Revolutionary Guards Corps Political Bureau, published the news in its latest issue, quoting Gen. Zahedi and announcing, „With the ‎goal of raising real combat levels and the readiness of the ground forces, the Imam Hussein ‎brigades will be commissioned across the country to connect the combat units with the ‎unlimited Basij resources through training, organization and utility of the Basij, to achieve ‎a 1 to 3 ratio.“‎
    Speaking to a group of ground forces unit commanders and national mobilization ‎units, Gen. Zahedi explained that the ‎rationale for commissioning these new units was „Critical Security Conditions“ and „Foreign Interventions.“
    He added that the „Imam Hussein brigades shall be positioned on the ‎fringes of resistance units and in proportion to populated areas of the country, and in ‎consideration of their makeup, and their principal mission shall be the combat training of ‎Basij in preparation for confronting the critical and organized security conditions, and the ‎foreign interventions.“‎
    He said that the brigades would be specially trained for the local terrain, and that by the end of March 2009 there would be over 600 of them. „Among the key features ‎of this plan are the following: the determination of the needs; setting up of the training ‎calendar based on the distribution of the Basij forces; creating the complimentary detailed ‎training implementation among the commander of the units and the resistance regions; ‎the cooperation of the resistance regions in the use of the bases and camps and the centers ‎of the ground forces; and the cooperation of the resistance force in using the trainers of ‎the Basij in this training.“
    Source: Rooz, March 6, 2008‎

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