Einige wichtige Stichpunkte zu der neuen Fatah-Hamas Regierung

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Fatah-Hamas deal 'not historic' | Cii Broadcasting1.       By establishing the government with Hamas, President Abbas has said yes to terror and no to peace.  He has made a pact with an organization responsible for the murder of more than 1000 innocent Israelis and the launching of thousands of rockets at Israeli cities.
2.      Hamas has been declared a terrorist organization by the U.S., Europe, Egypt and throughout the world.  It totally rejects the conditions of the international community and therefore the international community should totally reject it.
3.      Even in the past few days the leaders of the Hamas terror organization have once again emphasized its commitment to the path of terror and the destruction of Israel.
4.      Israel will not conduct negotiations with a Palestinian government that is backed by Hamas and will consider the placing of sanctions on it.
5.      A terror organization such as Hamas should not be allowed to take part in elections.
6.      Israel considers the Palestinian government and President Abbas as bearing the responsibility for any activities harming the security of Israel, and which carried out from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
7.      This is a direct continuation of the policy of peace rejectionism by President Abbas.  While Israel has carried out a number of brave and painful steps to advance the peace process and continues to be committed to peace, President Abbas refuses to continue the negotiations, rejected the American framework document, continues to incite against Israel, has unilaterally joined UN conventions and has now made a pact with the Hamas terror organization. Fatah-Hamas Deal: Three Scenarios | InstaBlog - Global Community ...

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